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Fluid Turbine- Perpetual Power

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I have started dreaming idea's again-2009

I had an idea to making a Simple Version of my NEO-Gen
that will be turned by a Turbine with Fluid Injection, not a Motor
I have most of the material's packed up from my NEO-gen,
but since I am still desire to Save People from themselves
I started building on what I had laying around the garage.

Perpetual Turbine Power -Mini-Model-
Input 300 watt - Output Total Power 1000 watt's=(600+/-)

Neo-Gen is in Storage 2008
I can Not Afford to Persue at this time on Unemployment

If your Looking at this Page I hope you are Listening to what I am saying.
I have a Great Idea working on a mini-model( neo-gen) but can't afford to persue.
I through together a working model of a fluid turbine generator. It is self powering.
Again it's a group of slighly modified "Off the Shelf parts" put together in a Unique 4 injector turbine- generator. More of a conversation piece than being practical in Electric generation of whole house power so far. It barley run's itself in it's current size, and with it's crude parts.
Similar to my Generator part of my Neo-Gen, once it spins up it keeps itself running.
I am Relocating to complete this Work, and to have a Secure Work area. design's. If have have done cutting edge work like this, then you are Aware of all the crack pots who make threats to you. I have decided not to work out side the
Gatlinburg Lab as a result of the threats though.
I will give you upto 4 years of my time to accomplish your goal in exchange.
Call Rod -Ohio-  (513)288-8100
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