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Locate Police miles ahead


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Now that GPS technology is readily available, once incorperated to a laptop and given an experimental software to feed and recieve info from the GPS head it locks onto an assigned frequency that each car given. Once it finds the car your looking for it shows it on Topo USA software of Street Select Pro. It shows where you are and where the police car is parked.  You will now be able to see miles ahead where a speed trap is sitting or just see where a particular car is parked on or off duty.
There are still a few bugs though. Doing a scan from more than five miles looks like crap. It shows all cars that have had their esn 's locked and shows them all over laped.
 Sheriff car has it's own lisual id # on it's liscense plate
 State Patrol has it's number on the trunk.
You will need to provide this number for me to track the car.
*Ameritec* is buying all phone call log id's soon and will soon allow you to view all phone call logs in and out of your favorite person house that can be located with this new technology, it also shows last years income, census report, property boundries, ect. It feeds from the same site as my Rod's House from Space Link on my Home Page.