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Entrapment or Chance


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*The Snow Man has Gone Home 
(See Street cleaner who drove North as the Abonable Snowman)



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What's the chances of a sheriff and a tow truck waiting in a parking lot with a doctor's medicine report with them knowing your on perscription Meds, and waiting at a location where are known to park.
 Entrapment or Chance.
I'm not happy this.  This behavior is exactly why I am about realease tracker.
Tracker is the use of GPS, a Laptop, and my software to see and find out where any police car is parked.  I am still considering releasing a full public version. It will track them anywhwere. They have a database on every DMV record, it's fair we have one on them.
I took a couple of pics, then walked out onto my front porch and shot video until they both drove away. I included part of that I have encoded so far.
A membership fee will be implimented after this info spreads far enough. 
                Here is an example of Tracker locating my car.

Cop Tracker Proto type

Tracker Example, once you have the GPS location this is example of how step Two works, show thier house. ( I used mine as the example)